Kijiji Ad Posting Service

Kijiji is the most popular Canadian Classified website with an Alexa ranking of 13 which means that 90.4% of Canadian people spend an average of 15 minutes per day on this website. NOW Online experts are that Kijiji becomes a big competitor of Craigslist. In a report, it comes out that about 45 million unique people visit Kijiji in every single month and among them, 4.3 million are returning visitors. So, undoubtedly, it can be a big platform to promote your business. It now runs in Canada, France, Italy, and China. However, if you want to post your ads in Kijiji, we can help you with that. We have a team of professional ad posters and can post in for sale, service, real estate, and jobs section. We are capable of posting 100’s of live ads every single day without getting flagged by Kijiji. A normal user can only post 2 ads per day but we have a unique strategy to post that many ads.

Our Ad Posting Service Includes

Real Estate Section

Want to sell property, Homes or looking to rent rooms? Bulk Inventory Listing service

Job Section Posting

Want to hire someone or looking for a job? Kijiji is the best place to get one.

Cars For Sale Posting

Buy or Sell Cars anytime. Bulk Inventory Listing Service

Vacation Rental Posting

Rent Your Properties in minutes. Best place to generate business.

Buy or Sell in Kijiji

To sell your stuff online Just post your ad on Kijiji get tons of call for your item.

Service Section Posting

Kick Start Your Business / Service with Kijiji.


Team of Posting Experts

Capable of posting 100's of live ads per day in single city or nationwide throughout the day to maximize marketing exposure for your business.

Daily Reporting

Get Report of live ads at the end of each day to track your marketing status.

24/7 Customer Support

Have a question in mind? Do NOT hesitate to contact us anytime. You can reach us by email or Call.

Kijiji Ad Posting Packages

Our Trial Pack

250 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

95 Cent Per Ad

500 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

79 Cent Per Ad

750 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

74 Cent Per Ad

1000 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

72 Cent Per Ad

1500 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

69 Cent Per Ad

2000 Ad Pack ( Minimum 50 Live Ads Per Day)

63 Cent Per Ad

4000 Ad Pack ( Minimum 20 Live Ads Per Day)

53 Cent Per Ad

8000 Ad Pack ( Minimum 100 Live Ads Per Day)

Minimum order is 20 Ads Per Day, To cover our investment cost we require the minimum duration of each campaign be at least 14 day (2 weeks). What works today may not work tomorrow so we reserve the right to change pricing based upon restrictions that can be created by Craigslist also upon the current supply/demand. Please Contact US today to place an order!


We accept, VISA, MasterCard & PayPal. Payment is required before the start of postings. Postings begin 24-36 hours following the confirmation of your payment due to the resources that have to be gathered such as Craigslist accounts. At the end of each day we will submit report of live ads so you can keep track of the ads that we post for you. Any ghosted ads will be re-posted free of charge.